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Ever feel like your project is nothing but a card house waiting to topple over at any moment? Get started today and get that confidence back. With our system you can track all of those pesky bugs and latest features all in one place for FREE!

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Easy to Use

Card House is designed to make issue tracking as quick and easy as possible even on the move. With that in mind, Card House is designed to offer maximum functionality and usability for mobile browsers.

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Quick Start

Getting started with Card House is simple. Just follow the Quick Start guide, and you will be making constructing your Card House in minutes!

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Budget Friendly

Taking it easy on our clients' budgets is a Card House Cornerstone. We strive to offer a professional quality product at the absolute cheapest cost to you. Card House is pleased to announce that the first user is FREE. No gimmicks or gotchas, just FREE! Check out our pricing to see the savings.

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  • Affordablity for any size business, even prerevenue businesses
  • Real-time changes, updates, and notifications
  • Accessible away from the office
  • Intuitive user experience
  • Never waste time managing your project management system

At Card House, we intend on spending our time developing the features that our clients want rather than the features that our clients won't use. Card House is a fully featured issue tracker and waste time developing features that aren't related to one or more Card House Cornerstones.

In order to key into the your Card House's heartbeat, we are pleased to announce our Card Board that can be found here. You can create feature requests based on what you would like to see added to Card House. Then anyone can read your feature request and upvote or downvote based on their thoughts. The cards at the top of our Card Board will be developed. ** Note: This is a new feature and is currently being improved upon stay tuned for more updates **

Notable Feature List

  • Easily Managed Customizable Workflows
  • Quick Search
  • 1st User FREE
  • Intuitive User Experience
  • Orderable Sprints
  • Cross Project Card Groups Called Decks
  • Grouped Permission System for Easy Maintenance
  • Granulated Permission System
  • Realtime Inline Updates and Notifications
  • Per Project Card Boards
  • Easy to Use Email Notification System

Live Updates

Keeping a users browser updated with the most recent changes is a Card House Cornerstone. When it comes to productivity, we are very impatient. We want to get the updates that are relevent to the tasks that we are performing immediately. Waiting on co-workers' has no place in Card House.

When a change to your Card House on any device, any user that is currently viewing an effected object will be updated in place. The user will also be updated with a subtle message that allows the user to see more details.


Accessablity on the road is a Card House Cornerstone. We know that for many businesses there is no such thing as a day off. You may be out of the office, but, once you start your Card House, you will NEVER be out of touch with your team. Card House renders beautifully on any size web browser.


Are you sick of wasting time reading through instructions on how to manage your project management software? Tired of being bogged down with a cluttered screen? Card House has you covered. An intuitive user experience is a Card House Cornerstone.

While using Card House, it is our goal that you will never be more than two clicks away from anything you want to do. Spend your valuable time more effectively by cutting out the needless clicks.

Our no cost / low cost pricing scheme is a Card House Cornerstone. Card House, as well as all of the other future products in the WFSBS ecosystem, is and will continue to be designed to cater to the financial needs of even the smallest companies.

Pricing Scheme:

  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Cards
  • Unlimited Decks
  • Unlimited Sprints
  • Attachments and Pictures:
    • 0 - 5GB = FREE
    • Every 5GB Thereafter = $5 per Month Additionally
  • Users:
    • 1st User FREE
    • 1-10 Total Users = $5 per User
    • 11-30 Total Users = $4 per User
    • 30+ Total Users = $3.50 per User

Step #1

Visit the Card House website.

Step #2

Click 'Enroll'.

Step #3

Fill out the with your basic information. No credit card required.

Step #4

Create a Project.

Remember to contribute to our Card Board!


The purpose of creating WFSBS is to improve software quality of small to medium sized businesses by developing no cost / low cost development tools.

Future Plans

Card House is the first tool added to the WFSBS development tool box. We plan on creating other quality tools to deal with common small to medium sized business issues. We will stick to the no cost / low cost model.

Some other tools that may come in the future are:

  • CRM
  • Chat Client
  • Git Based Code Repository System
  • Mockup Software
  • Time Tracking System

Contact Information

Name Title Email Phone
Joshua Wolfe President / Founder (832) 389-1266